Convergence with YouTube


Technology today has morphed into a convenient tool that we can use for multiple tasks at any given time, but the technology has to be able to have multiple capabilities.

It is brought to our attention that we have approached a time of convergence – defined by Henry Jenkins as, “the flow of content across multiple media platforms, cooperation between media industries and the migratory behaviour of media audiences”.

Convergence has brought along with it a triangle of creation – Technologies, Audiences and Industries. The constant change in Technology has allowed the Audience, consumers to become a ‘prosumer’, where an individual produces and consumes technology, which effects Industries by them not being able to maintain/control what is being produced/distributed.

This time has approached unknowingly to many but it isn’t something to be discouraged by, people are most likely using it each day. When looking at media platforms today such as YouTube – an internationally recognized video based platform which allows anyone to become a user and post content that they have created, which allows anyone else in the world to watch. The user gets to create a channel where they get to customize what it looks like and what they want to watch. This includes Subscribing to other people’s channels which create content that you would like to watch, and also create playlists of other videos that the user is interested in. Due to the global connection YouTube has presented it is in constant change with viewers and content creators. YouTube created a partnership with consistent/popular creator content so the user can continue with their creation but also get paid and develop new content and methods for their videos. This showed that the change in technology and the audience caused the industries to find a way to maintain viewers of the website but also to keep content creators on the site also, this was introduced in 2005.


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