“Let’s Play! Ctrl C, Ctrl V”


Copyright was brought to my attention and the ways in which Industries attempt to control what can and cannot be done with content that is not your own. Certain aspects stood out to me, the idea that Industries need control in order to maintain a balance of power and to protect their assets, and also this idea that to copyright something is to restrict the creativity and/or progress in technological advancement. The Industries can’t just bully people, the content is theirs to control? This isn’t always the case, is it?

Copyright BCM112

Without the permission to use other peoples content and to also not credit where that content came from – that is a bad thing, yes? There have been countless examples of people taking credit (mistakenly) for what is not theirs. This especially happens in music – here are some cases.

Videogames have a different perspective when it comes to copyright infringement. There is a common concept on YouTube called “Let’s Play“, where people play a game (PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, PC), record what they play, add some commentary and upload it to YouTube. What about copyright though? Surely isn’t making money from creating content in a video game copyright infringement?

Game creators such as those at Minecraft understand that people want to play the game and show other people what they do and how they do things in games. So this idea of “Let’s Play”, allows the creators to get a broader audience to experience the game they created and legitimately shows people having fun while playing it. So the creators get some pretty free promotion and get to watch their community grow.

The use of Minecraft with YouTube and ads can be found here in the terms.

I have come across some Myths about copyright, by Brad Templeton which deal with a range of situations from Legal in court, to just being a crime, to just thinking it is free advertising.

Copyright copied pastied bcm112

(Ctrl C is copy, Ctrl V is paste, shortcuts for Windows)

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