Digital Activist


Activism and politics for the modern student has been seen as a problem, there is little to no public meet-ups protesting against “the man”, the government or the elitist, so what has happened? Where are the opinions and expressions of “Generation Technology”?


Social media, not just an excuse to play games and watch kittens play (no matter how cute), but an infinite opportunity to create and be a part of something bigger and better than what you could do without the global connection. The internet is where we are all going to have a voice and we are proving to have an opinion on the issues of today, being apart of the “clicktivism” culture. Websites such as and GetUp! provide a central location to sign petitions dealing with issues of today such as the petition “Facebook: Immediately remove the racist page called “Aboriginal Memes”“, which was seen as offensive and prejudice to Aboriginals. With the collective and active voice of one person, they stood for something and brought it to the attention of others… and they succeeded, the page and any other copycat groups have been deleted.

With regards to the petition sights ( and GetUp) you can view any campaign that is brought up and any campaign that has been successful, however, I do not see any option that shows the amount of issues/campaigns/petitions that failed – trying to put a contrast on what people are interested in and the statistics to show how successful these sights are.

The activism from generation to generation has changed dramatically. Today we are a participatory culture that utilizes social network to voice our issues and concerns with global issues – seen through Kony 2012 and The Occupy Movement, each utilizing social media (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to get a message across. Then getting picked up by bloggers, television stations and radio stations to spread and emphasize the importance of what is happening and to do something about it.

There are times when the support on the internet and the ideas for change do not cross over to “out-on-the-streets” protests in attempt to get changes, highlighted by this article on the Aljazerra website by Jesse Strauss, establishing that a cause on social media, like The Occupy Movement isn’t always thought through and the idea for an outcome is seen through hope, patience and determination.

To say “Generation Technology” are not in touch with politics and activism seems to be untrue. The dedication and passion is present, the causes are true and the global awareness is possible – just, maybe the execution is off. It just gets done in a different way!

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