Reflection for #bcm112


BreflectionCM112 for me has been a very interesting subject and also a great introduction into Media Practises. I am happy with the type of assessments that are included (not so much the essay), in particular the blog approach to get an online portfolio, which is a great central location for the students/my ideas.

The medium is the message: trajectories of convergent (Week 2) brought to my attention the word ‘convergence’ and the triangle of creation (Technologies, Audiences and Industries) to show me the ever changing approach to how content is created and distributed. The act that global business are going further then just creating content to watch but to play with, change and edit. Week 2 was also the first week I started my blog, so it is good to see the change from week to week.

Copyright (Week 3) had an interesting impact with the technology that I follow (YouTube). I was always interested in understanding why certain content from a game could be reproduced, such as the game Minecraft – a widely played game where people play the game and film themselves then post it on YouTube. The creators of Minecraft realise people will film and share what they do so the creators allow for this, mentioned in their terms. I find it interesting that more gaming companies allow for the film and sharing of their content online, which is a good step in understanding why big business’ can not control everything that is being put online.

Week 10s #mencallmethings: identity and difference online was interesting. I never really took note to the idea of specific webpages for each gender; what attracts the specific gender and the contribution that males/females make to the site that they regularly visit and to ones they do not.

BCm112 has been an enjoyable subject that pretty much has set in what I want to do at University and a stepping stone to what I want to do in the future.

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