YouTube: a game for business



YouTube is one the most popular websites on the internet. It is the 2nd most used search engine, the first being Google.

YouTube is a video-sharing website which gives people the opportunity to popularise themselves or what they like, to a potential mass audience. It has provided an outlet for individual expression and creativity.

YouTube has created a new way to involve people in games. There are channels and videos dedicated to providing news, information, walk-through and strategies on games. An example is the “Let’s Play” videos which invite the viewer into sharing the adventure, of playing the game, the triumphs, the fails, the frustration and the relief of finishing a game.

I spoke to someone who was an “addicted fan” of YouTube. They tell me that Let’s Play videos are something that they enjoy watching, as it gives a “bond” over games. “To see someone have the same difficulties as you [in a game] is hilarious to watch… when they get mad and angry, when they get annoyed and frustrated… it is hilarious to watch”.

With the popularity of YouTube, successful channels that appeal to a wide audience and have hundreds-of-thousands of subscribers get the opportunity to earn revenue for their work through ads. This is seen as an incentive to continue making YouTube clips and growing a business foundation with partnering to YouTube.

YouTube only holds responsibility for its website not the business foundation in which a Channel would create for itself. This has caused a problem that the idea of “amateurs” or people with no or little business management running a successful business could be taken advantage of. In which either close friends or other businesses may corrupt or be unprofessional. This would hinder and publicly shame people who do not know what they are doing.


The people who use YouTube are popular by being in a public eye. This causes the expectation, to always be public about problems, about every aspect of someone’s life, which causes the problem of Privacy.

The content on YouTube is user submitted so it is up to the individual for what they want public, however when there is popularity and an audience to adhere to then, it does become an expectation and a job and not just a hobby.

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