Gaming Aggression: Playing out an act



Gaming has become a relaxing and socially viable part of everyday life. 90% of all Americans play some type of game. This has brought up the concern of aggression in our society.

Gaming has always been around for me, I have always been in the vicinity of playing or watching someone who is playing a game. I haven’t always seen aggression in playing the game from myself but when I watch other people they act out a violent behaviour.


Researches have done extensive studies about aggression, imitation of violence, gender differences and competition when playing video games. This research has shown that violence has a positive connection when playing video-games and also influences people’s aggression towards other, when comparing those who play to those who do not.

When a game is about “how can we get information from this person”, “how can I steal the required item, when there are people blocking my way” or “I need to get to this destination as quick as possible”, the game always is meant to be pushing the player into a physically violent scenario in order to get to the target.


This aggression is known to come out in social situations especially when playing a multi-player video game. With video games constantly changing and being able to use the internet to play worldwide. Depending on the genre of the game, there will be violent expressions of success or failure. When playing a first person shooter, where the objective is to assassinate someone else, over and over again, this is seen to influence aggression in the person playing and also challenges the perception of reality, shoot someone, they get up, so shoot them again. This scenario provides a gateway for vulgarity and gloating, feeling happy for killing another person.

I talked to a group of my friends who are into gaming, of any sorts. One of my friends responded with, “the violence we find in video games can come out as aggression in our daily life, but it would definitely depend on the age of which people play the game and the understanding that there is around violence in games”, this sumed up the understanding that there are age restrictions on gaming for a reason and that there is a need to always teach kids the difference between what they do in a game and what actually would happen in real life.

The youth of today are known to be more desensitized to the violence that occurs in games and also in real life. This shows that in order to make a video game popular that follows the trend of violence, the creators of the game have to come up with more violent and obscure ways to appeal to their target audience.

Extra Links:

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ABC overview of violence and aggression in gaming (PDF):

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