Changing details – adding pixels



The picture isn’t blurry, it is just very pixelated. Duke Nukem 64, released in 1996, is the game, and it shows the technology of which a game use to be made from – very pixelated, bland colour scheme and graphically unrealistic.


Smooth colour scheme, lots more pixels, shade, smoke/fog/dust, a lot of detail. The game is Medieval II, released in 2006. This image shows the change in gaming quality in 10 years and the improvements that were made.


Words with Friends – a very popular game for smart phones and Facebook users. This game shows how simple a game can be and how popular it can be. With a simple design, easy playability and with the ability to play with friends from anywhere in the world.


Pokemon Black 2 is the 5th generation game of the Pokemon series. Pokemon started in February 1996 in Japan and has major success internationally. Pokemon is the second-most successful game franchise, first being the Mario franchise. Pokemon has maintained a strong backing of fans and the creator of Pokemon has said that “Pokemon will never end”.

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