Digital network – social standard


Networking has become something more than just face-to-face interactions in order to be noticed from a hierarchical, mind-draining job that would limit creativity, expression and interest from an individual – who hopes for something more.


That ‘something more’ has arrived – ‘digital networking‘, the internet has become the standard for day-to-day living, from having influence on how people communicate, what people want to know, what people should know, to what should be seen or heard.

The internet as a multidimensional network influences both negative and positive attributes of people’s personalities – such as the introduction of flaming and trolling on forum type webpages as a negative, and social belonging to those that seem ‘quirky’ or ‘odd’ for face-to-face interactions as a positive, digital networking provides us with an observation on growing trends influenced by what the users/audience do. By no means does the negative outweigh the positive that digital networking creates but with constant change of technology – the influence of networks structure how we live our lives, shown by smartphones an extension of the human psyche.

Today’s network goes beyond the borders of a single country – the digital network has created globalization and influenced people from all around the world – even those that are not connected get influence by the global decisions of others – creating a platform for expression and activism of global concerns.

Summed up by Manuel Castells’ in Why Networks Matter, “Networks matter because they are the underlying structure of our lives”, the attention and growth of influence that networks create has become the influence in which we live our lives and how we will continue to live them.

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  1. I totally agree with you that the internet has become a standard of day-to-day living and that it has a huge global influence on our lives. For me personally I cant go more that 3 or 4 hours without checking my Facebook or Instagram and if I don’t get the chance to go online I feel like I am missing out on something.

    I also believe that these online networks have completely changed the meaning of a friendship, but as you said the negatives don’t outweigh the positives as these online networks have opened the door for global social movements that once would not have been possible. šŸ™‚

  2. Hi James, I love your title for this post! Digital networks have truly become a social standard and I’m not sure anyone could argue with that. I’ve never heard of the term “flaming” before, so thanks for introducing me to that term (also, thank you Google for the definition). I agree with your point about online networks reaching beyond national borders, and as I have many friends who are overseas, I am thankful for the benefits associated with digital networks.

    What’s interesting is; being a part of a digital network, i am able to stay connected with friends from other countries, however friends of mine who live in the same city as me, who aren’t part of digital networks (such as Facebook) I find myself losing contact with. Sometimes I am astounded at how much I do rely on that connection, of being part of a network, to keep in contact with people. Which kind of ties in with what Sinead has commented about friendships… Boom!

  3. I love how you said that smart phones are an extension of the human psyche. I agree completely as without it we are excluded from the network which results in us ‘missing out’. I think whether we like it or not, the smart phone, the object that connects us to multiple networks is the most important object in our lives. Good post!

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