In the beginning was the mainframe and then it took a selfie


Exploring all the ends of cyberspace cannot be done but taking advantage and understanding the processes that cyberspace, in particular the creation of the internet, presents to humanity is a step closer to a global village and maybe a cyber-utopia. In this technological age the transition from offline communication to online involvement is a necessary step in future operations and endeavours but what is the cost of this transition.

Kevin Kelly provides a detailed insight into the necessity that a new economy has emerged and this economy can be used effectively to sustain people, we have become engulfed in what has been presented to us – intentionally or by discovery, by cyberspace and the internet and we are in need. So why not take advantage and be a part of cyberspace – the freedom and possibilities are up to the user to create.

Similar positive responses about cyberspace/the internet from Barlow, and Dyson – Barlow presents that the internet is a place of freedom and expression from the oppression and ‘iron-fist’ of governments, as what can be created goes beyond the boundaries of a country and its rules, cyberspace is a place that does not show prejudice to people but, explained by Dyson, that cyberspace is an ecosystem where an individual can create what they want and the world they want to live in.

As open and free cyberspace allows and the dreams that plan to be created through the internet, there are present issues that arise by human use. Presented by Sherry Turkle in the following TED talk “Connected, but alone?”

Turkle explains the interaction that technology has created on people and what effects it has on the individual are not places that are ideal for growth and development of a cyber-utopia. Seeing the internet as an escape from the real world, for an individual to become a spot on the vast space that is cyberspace has created a new generation of social problems – what is being done?  Issues such as trolling and flaming, trends such as selfies and the anonymity that the internet creates provides the current generation with either the possibilities that are helpful to the exploration and creation of what is to come, or hinders this change and is stuck with the understanding of how to search something thought not implement what has been searched.

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  1. Interesting post and I do have to agree with you that in order to keep up with society we must participate, even if this does mean contributing and engaging in the realms of cyberspace. I have related to Sherry Turkle’s talk in a few of my BCM blogs and find it to be a bit of a slap in the face as I’m always connected. As you mentioned we are seeing a cultural shift in social interaction which I believe will result in the demise of verbal conversations.

  2. Everything is always changing and if you want to be apart of a new beginning you have to participate as well otherwise you will be left behind. I enjoyed the video, I liked how she talks about the effects of technology on everyone. How the internet can be an escape tool to hide from reality and facing what ever life has to offer other than a computer screen. It shows how depended we are on technology and is understandable how people become addicted and pour their life into it. Great read 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed that video particular because it touches on aspects of my group project. Whilst we are focusing on the affects of social media on society’s behaviour, the whole emergence of technology and cyberspace is so much more intense – and is definitely altering the growth and devleopment of individuals. This has been a really helpful read as we were brainstorming ideas about internet fads/social behaviour derived from the internet – recent generations are constantly seeking approval of other’s in their online life and I can’t help but feel that a lot of it is just striving to attain aesthetic value and recognition.

  4. I think it’s great how you have said the user creates as many possibilities as they like and as much freedom they want, explaining how cyberspace is totally open to them no matter how deep they want to go. Say, if they want a whole new persona that option is there and they can explore that as much as they please, free to discover another world and another self without any pressure, or they can choose not to, totally up to them!

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