Analog Coding Exercise – Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawing #232


Sol Lewitt is an American Artist who connects the constructionist/minimalist art style with an algorithmic approach. Sol Lewitt use paragraphs to aid his conceptual approach, these paragraphs are comprised of algorithms that are then needed to be deciphered, such as Wall Drawing #232:

Sol LeWitt 232The artwork that Sol Lewitt creates is meant to question what part of the process is art. The processes that are involved deal from the deciphering of the message to the execution of the image. The main impact of the artwork is in the execution of the artwork by the public, in the execution of the art lies the visual aesthetic, and the effectiveness of the conceptual art trying to get across. Whether the art comes from the paragraph or the creations from the public who follow the art is all a part of impact of Sol Lewitt and his deeper representation of what is art.

In a group we given the option to decipher the Wall Drawing #232 (above) and create what we interpreted what was being said. We had to read it a couple of times before we understood completely what we were going to create – the deciphering of the algorithm.

The task at hand was more a question of what aspect of the process was considered art – not so much what we ended up drawing. In the end we did not pay enough attention to what was being said and just drew a square – lazy I know.

Going over Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawing #232 as I right this I see that there is room for ‘mistakes’ and ‘mishaps’ – getting the idea that the art that Sol Lewitt creates goes from the creation of the piece, to the individual understanding and execution, or the tiredness of students trying to decipher what was trying to be created. The art is the entire process.

Executed by Lydia, Jo, Rhiannen, Daniel and James

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