Emotional history – Twin interview


I was given the task of creating an audio track that related to one of the six raw human emotions – Anger, Fear, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise. I was not sure about what I was going to do in regards to exploring the emotion through the telling of a story. Focusing on the emotion of happiness, because it seemed one of the easiest to accomplish, I questioned if a literal or conceptual approach would be beneficial in showing happiness.

Regardless of the approach the interviewing was more difficult that I first thought, considering the people I interviewed were close friends the idea of trying to convey an emotion was difficult as I couldn’t maintain a some-what serious approach in my questions. On the other hand the easy-going comfortable area for which the interview had taken place (the interviewee’s house) there was that ideal that I could get more personal and more in-depth about exploring the emotion I was trying to achieve. Separate from the relationship I have with the people I interview there is always the chance that I do not have the right questions to get the emotional response that I need so a lot of thought is needed to ask the right questions.

Communicating the emotion I wanted expressed and the idea I had seemed like a pitfall but the biggest one was the awareness of surrounding background noises that appear in the interview as I listen to it on the computer. Going through and editing out all of the bumps, laughs and pauses seemed a necessity in achieving the emotion but also knowing when to keep something in as to benefit the interview was a challenge.

Learning that the interview process is much longer than what is shown was a surprise when doing it myself – the length of the interview and the amount of information I needed to fulfil what my idea dealt with a lot more recording and editing then what I would expect. I am pleased with my result but I still question if the amount of times that I hear the final product and the emotion I get from it either reflects my relationship with the brother I interviewed or that my work is able to resonate with other people.

If I was to do this process all over again I would be mindful of the amount of effort needed in gathering information and formulating questions that would provide some emotional response in the interview – though that would be on the person that gets interviewed as well.

Exploring the idea of happiness I had interviewed Paul and Matt Katselos – they are 23 years old and are twin brothers. My idea was to capture the unique situation in which their relationship has evolved into – I wanted to explore the idea that since they looked nothing alike they were still able to have an independence and from each other while still maintaining a close relationship to which twins are known to have. While questioning Paul and Matt I was getting responses that were meaningful and personal; as they were able to ‘bounce off each other’ and freely express themselves in relation to each other.

Overall this assignment was a challenge for me as trying to convey an emotion in just 2 minutes from an interview that would be 20 minutes plus, was up to the editor – trying to simplify emotional stories into 2 minutes is no easy task. I Felt I was controlling what aspects of a whole story would seem to be more important and relevant than the other parts.

Here is my result:

The process of this assignment was interesting and inventive and I am happy with my end result.


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