Algorithm and Computation in Art


Art today has been able to utilize technology and create something more than just paintings and drawings – the way that art use to be created has changed and we are seeing new developments in art coming from the use of technology.

At the base of all art creations there lies an algorithm and/or process in the development of the work being created. These processes and algorithms have moved to technology and the impact is a new form of creativity and expression. Creating “Contemporary Art” through researching science and adding computational power we discover new algorithms.

Looking at Murray McKeich’s “P zombie” there are indications of a human-style presence being consumed by or created by nature. Technology at its most creative – by algorithms input by humans result in a “back to nature” type creation.

PzombieBy understanding the processes and finding algorithms that computers work by we can see that every basic process people use to live their lives, to achieve a result follows an algorithm. By using computers, and exploring how computers follow instructions through the use of simple algorithms we relate that to other aspects of our lives – showing us that algorithms exist outside of art, computers have facilitated the exploration of algorithms outside art and, exposing algorithms present in our daily technological life.

Understanding how a computer works and processes there is the need to know how computers use commands in order to create something. Looking at the Processing website we will be able to understand the basics in creating a process and algorithm in order to create art – or an attempt, as what is shown below (image and code – code may be off).

Hello Worldsize(400, 400);
background(70, 120, 170);
fill(80, 140, 80);
triangle(200, 10, 10, 390, 390, 390);
fill(255, 255, 255);
textFont(createFont(“Impact”, 38));
text(“HELLO WORLD, THIS IS ME”, 200, 200);

fill(255, 255, 255);
textFont(createFont(“Impact”, 20));

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