Understanding Processing: My hands-on learning


Much like anything else I try to learn, I need to have a hands-on experience to learn what needs to be done. It is the most effective way for me to learn so Processing is no different.

I was given the following image and the code for how it was created, the task was to change the way it looked, simple enough –

MEDA102 no changeMEDA102 only a little bit of codeThe code had new functions (rileyDot, leWittlines and hesseDot), the functions are 3 custom designed functions that represented A LOT more code. They are called after the artist that created the image. The black dots, the lines added the dots of colour are from 3 different Artists. With only looking at the code above I changed some things –

MEDA102 little changeLooking at the image the changes are:
– leWitt lines changed to white
– background changed to Red
– A rileyDot was moved and both were enlarged
– hesseDot went from a single row to filling the entire screen, the shade of black was changed and they was moved closer together to overlap.

Simple enough!

Next came the code of what the custom functions represented – that was a lot more code and a lot more of a challenge. Here is the picture I ended up with and the code I ended up with. Can you spot the changes?

MEDA102 big changeNow the code:

MEDA102 code behind final changeI enjoyed this exercise and I am looking forward to incorporating code into my final assessment.

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