Project Process Planning – 3D printed flower #2


Having used Google Sketch-Up as the software to create the 3D image I wanted, was quite restraining for me as I did not have the ability to get the natural looking shape of the flower that I wanted. This lack of detail was not from a fault of the software but considering I only just started using it – I was still an amateur and unable to attain what I have envisioned.

3d print screen image 3D screen print image 2My understanding of creating the flower was to experiment with different layers/levels of the flower – each layer/level being a different bloom on the flower. Working on each layer separately was easier to get a look that I was satisfied with. When it came to putting the flower together I get the below image.

3D printed flower #1
The sharpness and straightness of the petals bothers me. It began to look more like a water lily – not what I envisioned but still a flower none-the-less.

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