Daily Archives: August 3, 2014

Do I have room for another device?


Starting out another University semester of blogging for the reason of current personal development for future business employment. This time, the overall idea is ‘Media, Audience and Place’, how each aspect affects an individual and how it develops that individual into society, whether or not this comes to be answered it will be interesting to see how we go.

To start with, we need to see what our own media space consists of. What technology is around that we use in everyday life, possibly used as an extension of self-identity – the can’t live without it type-of-deal. For myself at this current time I am sitting in my recliner with a smart television on in the background – watching Daria, on quite low-volume to allow for some concentration to get this blog post done, but loud-enough to look and pick up the dialogue as to keep some interest in what is being said. To the left of me is my mobile phone and to the right of me is tablet, both are my main uses of communication with people for which I have some connection to – friends, family, work and those random unexpected one time encounters.

My phone never leaves my side, as it holds a lot of personal information (for security purposes), but also as it is the best way to reach me in an instant. The tablet is a tool that is flexible with its use, dependent on the location of where I am. When at University and just needing to play some games, the tablet is quite reliable is sense of its size and array of games designed for it, currently just playing Plants-vs-Zombies 2 on it. To top off the technology I’m currently using is my Laptop, which would be the piece of technology I use the most, from doing University work to catching up on news, from browsing YouTube to see what it trending on Reddit, from seeing how much money I earned from my bank to seeing how much money I spent on retail websites. My laptop plays a big part in my life.

All these devices around me, create a space for which I use them. When I am home all of the devices get used as when I am home there is no restriction for the purpose of the piece of technology. It is when I’m at work, at University or catching public transport that each piece of technology I own provides a different situation for the validity for which I use it in. It could be that these four devices cover everything aspect of my life in some regards, if there is a time during my day where a device is not present I guess I will need to add another one.