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Process: Going to the Movies


Task: Go to the Movies

It seems to always be a simple thing to accomplish – asking people if they would like to go to a movie. Though there is much more going on than just a simple process of asking people and going to watch a movie.

It is believed that human behaviour goes through three constraints in order to achieve a social event. Brought to our attention in 1969 by Torsten Hagerstrand he believed there are three restrictions and capacities that affect human behaviour for which human activity can take place. These three constraints being: (Corbett, J 2001)

Capability – “Can I get there?”
Coupling – “Can I get there at the right time?”
Authority – “Am I allowed to be there?”

Starting out I needed to come up with a quick answer of which movie theatre I would be interested in going to, what movie I would like to watch, what time would I like to watch the movie, what time we would need to meet up and if there is any other activity that would be going on before or after the movie, such as getting some dinner. Knowing these few things I can publish the information to my group of mates and see how the plans end up.

The Original Plans:
Day: Wednesday
Movie: The Inbetweeners 2
Location: Hoytz Warrawong
Time of Movie: 6:30pm
Extra Activities: N/A

The above details have been sent to five people. One reply was instantaneous of “Looks good, but can’t do Wednesday”. With only one reply I was in need to get some other information from the other individuals invited. Some time had past and more information became clear about what was working and what was not. Wednesday didn’t work due to work and poker commitments, weekday daytime didn’t work due to work and University commitments. Weekday nighttime didn’t work because I work nights (Wednesday day-off). So a bunch of suggesting and persuasion needed to be made. Considering it seems everyone was interested in seeing the movie I would take it upon myself to make everything work. These issues about having other commitments of work, University and other activities refers to the constraint of “capability”  since we are unable to be in two place at once.

Through the negotiating and understanding that everyone was happy for a nighttime movie it was suggested that the group might as well make a night out of it and get some dinner and some beers afterwards – always a good suggestion. While brought up about dinner and drinks then we would need to organize how people will be traveling to the destinations. Knowing a mate likes driving and prefers to spend his money on gambling rather than alcohol – he claimed he would be driving and able to pick everyone up if they needed to. Considering everyone lives in the same suburb picking everyone up would take approximately 20mins and traveling to the movie theatre would take around 10-15 minutes. The measuring of time to assure we give ourselves enough time to be picked up, get to the cinemas, buy our tickets and food and then find our seats, refers to the “Coupling” constraint as we need to make sure we have enough time to fulfill our interaction.

Movie trip update:
Day: Saturday
Movie: The Inbetweeners 2
Location: Hoytz Warrawong
Time of Movie: 6:30pm
Extra activities: Dinner and drinks (afterwards)

Considering everyone in my group of friends is an adult and has the authority to go to the movies the “authority” constraint of being able to get to our destination but also the authority of the destination allows for us to be there.

With all of the information about going to the cinemas agreed upon now we just had to live it out. Coming to Saturday everything ran smoothly and we made it to the movies 15 minutes before the movie started. Everyone lined up, got their ticket and some got some popcorn meal deals, we get asked where we would like to sit – we answer upstairs around the middle area. This way we can just look straight ahead at the movie and not strain our necks.

The other people also watching the movie comprised of a similar demographic. Groups of 18-25 year olds and some couple watching the movies, roughly 30 people all up. In the cinemas it seemed most of the groups went upstairs while the couples stayed downstairs, with the exception of a couple right at the back upstairs. With the adds of the movie playing through and the lights dimming the movie starts and everyone goes quiet, with only the movie and movement of food being the only things you hear.

The movie ends, we gathering our things, we walk out tossing our garbage in the bins, and head to dinner while talking about the movie we just watched – the good bits, the bad bits, what we liked, what we didn’t like and of course that one guy comparing it to the first movie.


Corbett, J. (2001) “Torsten Hagerstrand: Time Geography” Center for spatially integreated social science, Regents University, California, Santa Barbara, accessed online 31 August 2014 http://csiss.org/classics/content/29