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Post-T Monster


–Near Max Volume suggested–
MEDA101 University of Wollongong Main Assessment

When creating this piece I played around with the audio to try and find some regular beats. I couldn’t put just images without telling a some-what literal narrative so I had to mix things up. My interest for creating this piece was that I could imagine a simple adventurer/person dealing with some issues. The simple idea of pencil and post-it’s, with a black background and a moving light (used a torch), to highlight specific ideas of anger, sadness throughout the adventure was an aim – working together to fit the audio that was made. The “mistakes” (extra lines, off placement, marks on the post-its) are there for a simple concept of amateurish and childish fun. This piece isn’t to be taken seriously with the drawings and lighting but to be taken as a simple adventure of a person with a “helmet with horns” who ended up with a last meal – a creation of boredom or day-dream.

I always found myself mixing the audio trying to get something that sounded great, but also something that I could put picture images to – such as what you see in this video. Through mixing the audio I had trouble imaging conceptual ideas that would fit. The constant beat was a easy understanding of changing from one image to another but the representation of what I wanted was still something that I had to create. I needed to find a story and I needed to make it myself and this is what I created.