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Viral Videos – Advertising


Social media has impacted today’s advertising and marketing area in such a way that to get global attention for a product all you need to do is upload it on a medium that has a global audience – such as YouTube.

The phenomenon that YouTube allows advertisements and commercials for products allows for a new market where people offer their ‘expertise’ in being able to create a viral video, to display a product and market it to get a better audience and reaction then what television, billboards, magazines or the radio could ever do.

I will be searching and posting blogs about the differences and similarities that go into the creation of viral videos. There are a lot of websites and blogs that talk about a viral video and explain why it became viral, there are also sites that sell their ability and expertise of making viral videos though never link to a video they have created.

Hopefully by the end of my research I will have collected enough information and material to explain what aspects are important in creating a viral video and being able to create a viral video myself.

Starting off, looking at the site 5 Common Characteristics Of A Viral Web Video the writer mentions and relates 5 aspects/concepts to viral videos. The 5 common characteristics being:
– Universal Appeal
– Short and Simple
– Emotional Content
– Actionable
– Identifiable and Relatable
These concepts will be talked about in detail in further posts and also be compared to what other websites think are necessary concepts in making successful viral videos.

There are a lot of videos to start watching so I better get started!

I kissed a World Leader and I liked it


A beer ad I remember!

I find it memorable mainly because I did not actually get what the ad was for, until the beer came into shot. With DJ Benny Benassi’s track, Satisfaction playing, it caught my attention and become imbedded into my memory. I saw it as something unusual, the representation of taste (the tongue) being used to suggest that there will always be a craving, the need for satisfaction, but also possible the idea of drinking at a party and that scenario being up social drinking. It was very unexpected from previous promotional beer ads where it would be just stereotypical beer drinking doing anything for a beer even juxtaposing that stereotype.

The following images I find are also memorable:

controlversial kiss 2 bcm110

U.S President Barack Obama kissing Chinese President Hu Jintao

Controversial kiss BCm110Pope Benedict kissing Ahmed al-Tayeb

Without the captions or knowledge of who the men are and what they represent, you would only get the title “UnHate” and the obvious part of men kissing, closed eyes, puckered lips, the wrapped around arm/hand (around the pope), bringing up the idea of homosexual pride and diversity, possibly? The white writing in the green box reads “United Colors of Benetton”, Benetton being a clothing brand.

These images have caused controversy around both political and religious communities as it is seen to both undermine and obscure what Obama, the Pope, Hu and Ahmed represent, yet at the same time the images bring both political and religious situations, homosexuality (gay marriage), diversity (racism), political constraints, religious freedom. This is what Benetton represents, as they are a firm advocate for religious, political and environmental ideals, supporting diversity, so this isn’t as shocking to come from such a brand.

An interesting video about Semiotics: