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Aussie Film In Crisis


The Australian Film Industry has been facing a crisis. Australians aren’t interested in watching or creating Australian made films without being tied to big budget Hollywood movies and actors. The Queensland film industry has declined by two-thirds in 2012/13 from what it once was. The belief of a high Australian dollar, the lack of effort from Government business who are supposed to attract over-seas films being created and worked on in Australia, and the Australian people who don’t support Australian made movies has all impacted on the decline of Australian productions and needs to be changed in order to rejuvenate the industry.

Though there is only speculation about what Australia can do to revitalize its Movie Industry we can look at other countries and see how they managed to keep their Industry alive.

The United Kingdom’s Government has invested money in creative industries. By investing in the creative services and building state-of-the-art sound stages that are purposely built for the Film Industry, the UK is able to promote the best resources for any potential interest for film as well as allow for the reduction of red tape costs as creating a space dedicated for big productions allows for an ease in getting a start up in the UK.

Australia has both the Australian Film Commission (AFC) and the Film Finance Corporation (FFC) that aides in funding, the comparative cost of filming a big budget film is lackluster compared to other countries that create films. Such as that of Canada where their film industry problem was that they have the money to create big budget films but they don’t have the audience. Canada implemented two changes to cater this issue. The first being to preference commercial creations that are linked to user-friendly genres and number two being to relax transnational elements such as foreign actors.

The United Kingdom and Canada have fixed their Film Industry issues Australia is still in need. While Australia can invest money in creative industries, put preference in commercial creations or lift the cost of bringing transnational talent to Australian shores will these tricks get the Australian people to go an Australian created movie.

Top 10 Aussie grossed films in Australia

Top 10 Aussie grossed films in Australia

Looking at Australia’s Top 100 grossing feature films of all time, listed here, there are only two movies that made it in 2013, those being The Great Gatsby at number 6 and The Railway Man at number 40, 26 Australian movies were made in 2013. In 2012 there were only four movies that made it onto the list. The Great Gatsby and The Railway man while nice to see on the list that Australians are watching some movies it could be that the movie star well known Hollywood actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby and Colin Firth and Nicole KidmanĀ  in The Railway Man.