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Project Process Planning – 3D printed flower #2


Having used Google Sketch-Up as the software to create the 3D image I wanted, was quite restraining for me as I did not have the ability to get the natural looking shape of the flower that I wanted. This lack of detail was not from a fault of the software but considering I only just started using it – I was still an amateur and unable to attain what I have envisioned.

3d print screen image 3D screen print image 2My understanding of creating the flower was to experiment with different layers/levels of the flower – each layer/level being a different bloom on the flower. Working on each layer separately was easier to get a look that I was satisfied with. When it came to putting the flower together I get the below image.

3D printed flower #1
The sharpness and straightness of the petals bothers me. It began to look more like a water lily – not what I envisioned but still a flower none-the-less.

Project Process Planning – 3D printed flower #1


My idea for my project is to compare the natural aesthetic of a flower with the manufactured aesthetic of a 3D printed flower. The main idea is to try and create a 3D printed flower that has the appeal of a natural flower.

The above sculptural flower was formed by simulating the biological process that plants use to form their own flower buds, branches and leaf stems.

There is a need for the project to be an example of repetition and iteration. In my project the repetition could be in the production of the 3D printed flower or in the placement and comparison of presenting the flowers. The repetition and iteration will need to be thought about more.