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Internet: making or breaking a game



The internet is a widely used tool that can make or break a company merely from a bad product or a bad reputation.

Internet and gaming have come together in many ways, such as being able to play multi-player games from consoles over the web, an easy way to view up-and-coming products from gaming developers and companies and also a powerful tool to talk and banter about games and game play.

When there is a new release the internet would be the avenue to get the word out. This is a very handy way to popularise a game, especially when it is portrayed on gaming channels such as YouTube or spoken about on influential, well-known blogs.

Just as there is success there is also downfall, when the release of a product is known to be a ‘flop’, where the expectation of popularity for the released item is nowhere near the actual quantity being sold after the release.

Nintendo is one of the biggest gaming companies around the world which has always had success but it is no stranger to failing. With products such as the Nintendo 64 (N64) –  overall it was good and had just as much popularity as it does now, however the N64 was still driven by cartridge used games, even though CD’s were being used for games. These cartridges were chunky and grey and they were easily obstructed by dust. This created the fond memory of having to blow on the cartridge and inside the console in attempt to play the game.


‘The GameCube’, this cubed, purple coloured plastic was released to rival Sony’s PlayStation Two. With the look of a child’s toy and the only Nintendo console not be released with a Mario game starter, avid fans were displeased. From the change of cartridges came little disks, easily broken and easily lost.



The GameCube and the N64 both had displeasing qualities, they were still purchased knowingly that there will always be another console released, another console that would give the fans what they want.

I talked to a reputable salesperson at a gaming store. I was interested to know what sort of games fail or succeed, in his opinion. “If your looking for something that is worthwhile and isn’t going to bore you the first time you play it, it would depend on what sort of game you like and what sort of features you would want in a game”,”you need to know what games interest you… the gaming companies can only do so much in an attempt to please everyone”.

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