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“Got any news for me, I’m running a little low?”


What is a citizen journalist? Oxford Dictionary defines ‘citizen journalist’ as “a non-professional journalist, typically working outside traditional media channels”.

To deal with the mass change of technology that we have today and the consistent up-to-date 24/7 news stories that are being published there is an opening for anyone to report about news and be a citizen journalist.

To be a citizen journalist is to do nothing more than report by filming or making a comment on an event that is happening and post it to, usually a social networking site. There is always the clash that revolves around old media (corporate) vs. new media, explained (briefly) by the following video:

The end part of the above clip when both mediums say “Got any news for me, I’m running a little low?” highlights the difference in monologic and dialogic collective intelligence used to gather news and present it. The old style newspaper symbolises the structured, professional journalists and the young sounding laptop represents amateur, unprofessional, collective information fromĀ  “bloggers”.

The change from old to new has arrived and it is in the form of collective intelligence both intentionally such as the website Alltop which deals with an individual, collectively gathering information of their interests around the internet to then repost to a single spot or view popular links and be presented by a page which gathers information from citizen journalists and shows the recent information talked about. Then there is the unintentional act of citizen journalism which is the simple recording or messaging of an event that is happening and then placed on the internet and used to recollect the events of what happened and the experiences involved. Pretty much a step-by-step look at global issues that are not edited or modified – presented by the following clip:

There will always be a place for citizen journalism because there will always be events taking place that need to be reported on and first-hand experience needed. There are stories that need to be told, and be told without modification or change by corporate agenda.