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Viral Video – Definition


What does it mean when a video becomes viral?

A “Viral Video” can be looked at as the widespread sharing of a video in a short-period of time. A viral video does not have to be a video that has been recently uploaded, it can be years old and have a low view count to begin with. The video just needs to be found and shared to a popular medium, much like the case of the “Double Rainbow” viral video, which had been posted months before it was picked up by popular television talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel and shared on his Twitter account. Which was then picked up by CNN and continued to share and grow.

What time frame and how many views makes a video “viral”?

Years ago when the amount of traffic YouTube received, a video would be considered viral if it had reached 1 million views. Dealing with the mass traffic YouTube gets today a video is seen to be viral if it can acquire around 5 million views in the span of 3 – 7 days. Though creators of videos that receive one million or five-hundred thousand views would still be happy and consider their video viral.

What else?

A video is considered viral by how many different websites and mediums it gets shared to to acquire views. When a video can be talked about by everyone even though they consume different mediums – to infiltrate an audience that wouldn’t look for the video, it can be seen as viral. When a video is talked about and has an impact on those that watch it, the video is seen as viral.