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Open Permission, Closed Access


Over the past couple of weeks I have come to realise a couple of things about myself and technology:

1. I am a capable user of the internet yet have not yet experienced anything that is outside what I have created – I have organised the internet and the way I use it around my ideals; pretty much what I am interested in.

2. When an old analogue technology becomes obsolete it doesn’t bother me, I know it will come back combined in another platform where it will feel exactly the same – except way better! {Convergence}

3. My choices of technology seem to border more on open access content rather than close access. Realising the technology I have around me – Android phone and a P.C

ideology BCM112

I was introduced to Company Ideologies (Apple and Android) and how they differ for a user but also for the company. Starting with Apple and IPhone creator Steve Jobs, I am given the perspective that to maintain control over what a user can do is necessary to ensure a balance of power for the company and also balance the ignorance of the user. In the case of an IPhone, it is a sterile tool, as Steve Jobs said

“We define everything that is on the phone. . . . You don’t want your phone to be like a PC. The last thing you want is to have loaded three apps on your phone and then you go to make a call and it doesn’t work anymore.”

To give people the freedom of technology with the ability to change the original intentions is something that should not be allowed. People are aware of the basics of the technology they hold, why then would the user change that and potentially destroy/damage its use.

I find myself understanding and agreeing with Steve Jobs and his ideology, I am conflicted with the issue of ignorant users not knowing what they are doing with todays technology… and it is quite scary. To undermine the specific use of technology, such as the IPhone, seems absurd, why change something that is meant to be “perfect”.

In contrast, is Android, an open access software where multiple companies come together to change and compete for the sale of a product, and still maintain a dominance over the smartphone market (shown below). Just understanding the process of Android feels empowering, the amount of people that input into a product is only restricted by imagination.

smartphone market share BCM112