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It’s a Threat – Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces


There is a threat currently in American higher education facilities that is spreading to other countries. This threat is the introduction of ‘Trigger Warnings’ and ‘Safe Spaces’ in our educational facilities and this agenda is being pushed by current day intersectional feminists and others alike.


TRIGGLYPUFF the F**k outta here. Source

Safe space is a social space safe for [marginalized] groups to freely communicate and express ideas. While that is a simple idea the function and reality of these safe spaces has changed to an area where individuals may go who feel their opinions, ideas or feelings have been affected in a negative way and so they are not able to freely express themselves – so they would make their way to a ‘safe space’. Such topics that have appeared online in some way where people have felt the need for a safe space have been English self-proclaimed provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos with his “The Dangerous Faggot tour” around American universities. Milo has given us an insight into the behaviour of American university students and the unruly disdain that students have when allowing someone who has an opposing view as they do talks on a campus. Milo’s talk at the University of Massachusetts, accompanied by academic scholar and feminist Christina Hoff Sommers  and French Canadian comedian Steven Crowder. Brought the discussion of the effects third wave/intersectional/millennial feminism has done to the people on today’s universities. Unruly students caused a disturbance in the talk and showed people who are outside of America that this was happening and just how intersectional feminists and those with similar ideals were behaving with the lack of maturity that would not be expected of university students. Here is the video in full:

Trigger warnings are an alert before a piece of work informing that it may contain distressing material leaving the person distressed or in discomfort. While it can be simply equated to the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tags seen on popular sites like Reddit and Imgur, where the guidelines for an NSFW post reads “Content that contains nudity, pornography, or profanity, which a reasonable viewer may not want to be seen accessing in a public or formal setting such as in a workplace should be tagged as NSFW. This tag can be applied to individual pieces of content or to entire communities.” While there are specific instances for when a warning needs to be placed such as nudity that was mentioned above there are no guidelines or parameters for the implication of trigger warnings in universities other higher education facilities. Who is to say what can and can not be talked about or learnt in a university? Students, academics, administration or people who have everyday triggers. How would we go about understand all of the triggers in universities and who can impose that the standard of warnings will be met? Must an incident happen before a warning is introduced or do we save students and introduce warnings for the sake of babying students to prevent something that could or could not happen.

Melbourne’s Monash University will be the first Australian university to introduce trigger warnings throughout its subject core guides. I have been unable to find the guidelines and parameters for which trigger warnings will be introduced to get a clear understanding about the aspects of university teaching that triggers emotional discomfort with the student body. This information is vital in understanding the concerns and experiences of university students – I hope to find out soon.

I call Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces threats as they censor information and make higher education redundant. The purpose of higher education is to bring to attention different viewpoints and outlooks of different topics. The classroom brings people of all different backgrounds together to talk about a topic from different angles each individual has not experienced or thought about before – to broaden the mind and knowledge of each student. The discussions are a representation of what a university represents – challenging, logical and rational decisions in a respectable safe environment that is free from repression, job loss or imprisonment. While trigger warnings are for the students they censor the ability and create a barrier for the academics that choose those students.

When a trigger warning is present, there is no understanding to what degree the content or a student may be offended or be triggered by. If in cases where a student was not expecting a lot of offensive material in a class, there is no stopping that student for interrupting and calling out the lecturer for not being specific in the details of the warning or their material. If this incident is constant then lecturers would cut out the entire offensive material and throw-in something that could not be seen as offensive. This changing of material to something more friendly, who is too say that it will not be offensive of triggering? When there are aspects of a degree that has been left out for the purpose of preventing a supposed triggering of a student who which it may or may not happen there is something wrong.

Camille Paglia who is an academic and social critic once said “When you are not exposed to complex works of art you end up with a simplistic view of human life…” to mean there is bad stuff in the world and it happens regardless, so when you are exposed to it you understand it and grow from it. There is a full interview between Camille and Christina which discusses the impact of feminism today where the quote comes from, video below (57 mins long):

I am a student at the University of Wollongong and with my next few blog posts I will be going into more detail about Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces and other areas that relate to the discussion.

Multitasking with Reddit and Pizza


It starts out as just a simple objective: to research what it means to multitask and the affect that it has on human efficiency. Through studying multitasking the amount of internet tabs I have opened, questioned the exact conclusion researchers had come to. What I was learning and the way that I was going about learning it seemed to be ineffective. Anna Cirell (2014) and Annie Paul (2013) encourages with in their professions that people look at what they are doing, how they are doing it and the reason for it. The addictiveness of looking at multiple screens and engaging with so many different things distracts from the real focus, the real intention of what someone wants to do. With all the gadgets and gizmos that are at our disposal and the portability of those gadgets they are always with us, calling out and tempting us to be used.

The idea of multitasking is interesting to me. With all the screens that I can be looking at and playing with it seemed to me that the simplest form of multitasking would be eating and working on a computer. The main difference I see being that eating is a necessity for health and human survival while using a computer can be anything from fun, work and even just boredom. So the idea behind looking at this topic would be to look at which aspects of eating and being on the computer would people succumb to. Would people stay on the computer and forgo eating because technology is so compelling or would they be able to control themselves – step back from the computer and get something to eat. While this may question the addictiveness of technology it didn’t quite relate to multitasking directly.

My choice looked at pizza and Reddit. Pizza because it is a common thing that I eat on a regular basis while using my laptop and that it is the leading choice of take-away food in America. I chose Reddit as the social media as it is seen as a popular place for American users, so the connection between America’s choice of Pizza and a social media that is used by Americans provides the potential to find connections between what they do in the area of multitasking Reddit and eating Pizza. Looking at how media could have the potential to change the eating habbits of its users is an interesting aspect to look at. My topic looked simple at the way they people would eat their pizza if they were to do nothing but eat and to see what they did differently when using a computer. The results would be a reflection of the people who change their behaviour. Would people consider the qualities of pizza when they are using a computer – grease, loose topping, sides and crust.

Gathering information from making a survey allowed to look at each individual aspect about how someone would get a pizza and then how they would eat in when being on the computer. Looking at where people buy pizzas – independent pizzerias or cafes, multi-chain stores that sell pizza frozen or fresh, if people order online and have it delievered or pick it up and even if people buy all the raw ingredients and make pizza from scratch allows to understand what type of pizzas people are buying. Whether they want a to-do-it-yourself style fresh made, a frozen just stick in the oven or one from a take-away store that supports local business.

There are multiple aspects we can look at in regards to finding out what demographic on Reddit there is that allows for pizza companies to make a decision on how to promote their brand and secure an audience. A potential brand or stakeholder would be Domino’s Pizza as looking at what sort of audience there is on Reddit allows us to distinguish what aspects of pizza are prominent, what costs people are willing to pay, how far people are willing to travel and how interested people are in eating Pizza. My research would provide valid research in looking at what aspects are key in finding if Reddit is a worthwhile promotional platform for Domino’s advertisement.

The additional interest about looking at eating pizza while being on Reddit is interest in how little common problems such as greasy pizza and loose problems is catered to when multitasking. Greasy pizza would lead to greasy fingers and potential greasy keyboard, depending on how much someone cares for their products and so wanting their computer to stay clean how would they go about cleaning the grease up. Also would be to look at what could someone add to their computer to protect from that little bit of liquid landing on your keyboard no matter how careful you are.


Cirell, A. M. (2014) “Media Multi-Tasking and the Learning/Developing Child” The New Social Worker, January 5, accessed online 31 October 2014 http://www.socialworker.com/feature-articles/practice/media-multi-tasking-and-the-learning-developing-child/

Paul, A. M. (2013) “You’ll Never Learn! Students can’t resist multitasking, and it’s impairing their memory” Slate, 3 May, accessed online 31 October 2014 http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2013/05/multitasking_while_studying_divided_attention_and_technological_gadgets.html


My Simple Multitasking


Watching television, eating some yogurt and browsing the internet while trying to get some University homework completed. This scenario has created an important issue around the value and efficiency for the completion of each task, however multitasking seems to be the way I want to do it. There is always the option to do each activity one at a time but I feel that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much as I would want to in the time-frame that I have available to me. I say this because I want to each activity but the time for which I get to do them overlaps into a multitasking situation.

I want to watch a specific television program at a specific time but I need to get something to eat that satisfies my hunger. I want to browse the internet such as Reddit and YouTube to keep up with viral videos and interesting content but I want to also finish writing this blog post and have relief from needing to get University work out of the way.

The dedication to each action is relevant to how important each action is for my persona and the focus I put on it. Not being able to watch a specific television show on television is no big deal because I can just do it later, ever on other devices. Browsing the internet is also no big deal because the content I want to view stays where it is and will always be accessible (in most cases). Eating is important as not eating will keep being a distraction for everything else I want to accomplish and will need to be taken care of so I can accomplish other tasks. University work is a major aspect in getting done as is has consequences that will impact my future.

Though each task I am doing can be ranked into importance and also whether or not it is a hobby, as to say something I want to do, opposed to something I have to do/ need to do with eating and getting University work done. I still choose to multitask every activity in order to get everything else done.

In my case I find it is the mix of interests balance each other out to allow to me to complete each task. Simply by looking up from my computer screen and just looking blankly at the television of a Futurama episode I have seen multiple times it allows me to get a laugh out every now and again and allow me to thing about what I want to keep writing about. The symmetry of having these tasks going from one to another, whether just briefly or for an extended period of time allows for each task to get accomplished – effectively though, is up for my University Tutor to decide.