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9 Weeks of #BCM240


The past 9 weeks have been an interesting journey through the overall topic of Media, Audience and Place and how people interact with technology in everyday settings. Having to come up with weekly blog posts is nothing unusual for a Media and Communications degree as a majority of the subjects outline that some online writing will be produced at some point. While there are weekly topics written about there are a number of extra interests that writing a blog post has developed along the way.

This semester the weekly topics have been more involving with the audience and the expression of personal experience. Such as in Week 5 when the objective was to go to a movie cinema and write about the entire experience – who should you go with, where should you go, what should you go see, what time should you go, will there be anything else afterwards or before going, will there be any snacks, who else has visited the cinemas, what types of people have visited the cinemas and where have they sit in the cinema. This experience was an interest take on the development of how technology changed human behaviour. Going through the entire process of going to a cinema I was aware about what actions I have been putting up with from friends who can’t be bothered to answer, not noticing the simple actions made by people I was oblivious to the correlation between how technology affects its audience.

A key aspect in learning to write weekly blogs is the way in which the writer can relate to an audience or keep the audience interested. The subject helped aide general ideas such as with the personal experiences. By being able to write about events, places, movies and just general experiences that the writer of the blog has experienced it brings a more personal touch to the writing style and allows for a more informal conversation to take place. Using the experience of what happened such as going to the movies, it is relatable to the reader and then the addition of talking about the overall observing of the experience, what someone might not see if they were not told to look for it, allows for an extra look at how the experiences compare between what happened to the writer and the reader – providing a connection. This subtle connection between what captures the audience is a more friendly action when attempting to write a blog. With being relatable I have learnt that there is an understanding in knowing your audience that contributes to being relatable and the development of personal growth with writing blogs. Writing my blog posts all I know is that at the moment more of my University peers and tutors read my blog posts, this provides the idea that what I have to write needs to be somewhat formal but not entirely. Though focusing on just peers and tutors as my audience restricts the larger potential audience that my blog can attract, so there is a need to find my own style and continue showing my own personality within my blog posts.

I never put much thought into the look of my blog, looking at the theme, the widgets and the additional personal touches I can do. Having now thought about the intention of my blog and what I want it to look like – I really have no idea, I find that I’m not creative enough to come up with a background that I feel will complement what I write and one that I will be satisfied with. I did change my blog post theme to the Matala Theme as it incorporates some simple colour, such as the colourful header while using some simple texture background as you scroll down while not taking focus away from the posts that have been published, so not to be simple black writing on a white background. The widgets I have used are Twitter, Tags, Categories and Calendar to allow for easy accessibility around my blog – being able to find topics based on the tag bubble or look at specific posts by category. The Calender provides a look at the [in]consistency for which I post my blogs and Twitter provides the means for cross media incorporation where a viewer, who so chooses, will be able to follow me on multiple platforms and contact me.

The only issue that has risen for me with the 9 weeks of blog posting has been the consistency for keeping up the weekly blog posts. While the topics have been discussed at University in the lecture and then talked about with-in a group in the tutorials there has been the personal effort in finding out things that I’m interested in and writing about. While there have been easy cases for what I need to write about such as going to the movies there is always that constant questioning of “What should I write about?”, “How detailed should I write” and “Should I add imagery?” among a lot of others. Though there are problems with myself procrastinating mainly to the last minute producing sub-par work the idea of weekly blog tasks about content that I am interested in allows for schedule that I try to commit to.

Overall this semester has been an interesting look at what I have achieved and what I perceive technology to be in regards to Media, Audience and Place. Looking at the everyday activities and getting asked to question how an individual came to each decision involved in the activity is interesting in looking at the change of perception from those who are involved. Going through these 9 weeks has been quite an eye opening experience and I am definitely happy about my choice of degree and the content that I get to produce along the way.