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Viral Videos – Emotion and Scarcity


Looking through the videos I watch on YouTube and other social media sites they all provoke some type of emotion that makes me want to watch it and share it. Though, how does one simple identify what emotion has a greater effect on the viewer – enough to make them continue watching and share it?

There is the idea that each individual has their own taste in videos – as they do in other aspects of their lives such as clothes, food and friends. Though when it comes to the basic human emotions, they are universally understood regardless of individuality, these emotions are Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness and Surprise – utilizing these emotions and providing a way to evoke them in videos is seen to be a constant concept if wanting to make a video go viral.

In this post by Sprout Social, making videos resonate with the viewer is a basic step in ensuring some views and in achieving a successful video – though resonating emotion is not enough. Contrasted by this Quartz article coincidentally named “The secret to viral success is there is no secret to viral success” breaking down the idea that the popularity of anything viral on the internet is the collective combination of popular past ideas and adding a little twist.

Quarts post mentions that the idea of makes something viral – when dealing with advertising, is scarcity and keeping a secret idea, much like taking something already made and adding some “secrets” to it to create a new product. As understandable as it works for products the idea for multiple viral videos to be taken from one simple idea falls short – such as the Harlem Shake – everyday there was more and more videos relating to the Harlem Shake from places all over the world in all different styles – people lost interest, the Harlem Shake was no longer scarce so therefore no longer unique and interesting to share.

Viral Videos – Advertising


Social media has impacted today’s advertising and marketing area in such a way that to get global attention for a product all you need to do is upload it on a medium that has a global audience – such as YouTube.

The phenomenon that YouTube allows advertisements and commercials for products allows for a new market where people offer their ‘expertise’ in being able to create a viral video, to display a product and market it to get a better audience and reaction then what television, billboards, magazines or the radio could ever do.

I will be searching and posting blogs about the differences and similarities that go into the creation of viral videos. There are a lot of websites and blogs that talk about a viral video and explain why it became viral, there are also sites that sell their ability and expertise of making viral videos though never link to a video they have created.

Hopefully by the end of my research I will have collected enough information and material to explain what aspects are important in creating a viral video and being able to create a viral video myself.

Starting off, looking at the site 5 Common Characteristics Of A Viral Web Video the writer mentions and relates 5 aspects/concepts to viral videos. The 5 common characteristics being:
– Universal Appeal
– Short and Simple
– Emotional Content
– Actionable
– Identifiable and Relatable
These concepts will be talked about in detail in further posts and also be compared to what other websites think are necessary concepts in making successful viral videos.

There are a lot of videos to start watching so I better get started!