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Re-mix me a word


Free of restrictions and limited resources comes a new wave of engaging with content and an audience – in the way of the remix culture. Far from the ‘copyright police’ comes a creative, rebellious and inspiring look into the development and representation of what we know the media to be.

Getting a hold of content and creating a new meaning and representation of that content is ideal for the remix culture. Allowing for the spread of personal content so others can use and create is beneficial for both bringing out creativity and expression, but also being an influence on the democratic – popularizing the freedom in producing content and collective intelligence in creating content.

The remix culture has always been around (well for me it has), it has been in the music industry with music artist Weird Al Yankovic. Who produces parodies of other artists music such as the following video, which is a parody of Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” called “Perform This Way”.

Other remixes have been in movies such as the Scary Movie movies which deal with a satirical look at multiple movies and celebrity personalities put together to poke fun and take a look at the obscure ideas some of the movies represent.

Today’s technology has given us the freedom to channel what we want to say and send it out to the world for others to learn and watch and if they so choose, to add, and so this cycle of creativity and distribution continues. YouTube and many other mediums give people the opportunity to share what they have created and explore what it means to be in a technological world; only if it is free though. Unlike YouTube, corporations and thus artists (some) still stand against the idea of their work used by others to produce something new and creative, hindering true creativity.